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Lucas Campagna was born in Naples in 2001, from a young age he has a passion for electronic music in particular for EDM, House and Dance Music. Despite his little experience shows a good familiarity in
mixing. His sound is a fusion of various genres characterized by ipnotic Synths, distorted kick and defined grooves. In his Sets he transmits an explosion of energy, and desire to dance. He released His first work "Gabba Never Sleep" on Carbone Records in September 2020 and he promises us a lot of other releases soon.



Schermata 2021-03-03 alle 10.52.30.png
Schermata 2021-03-03 alle 10.53.17.png
Schermata 2021-03-03 alle 10.54.07.png
Schermata 2021-03-03 alle 10.55.34.png
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