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Dj / French producer, active member, project manager of the Oiz collective. Co-founder and manager of Label Oiz Records. Member of the VNION and La Pépinières association. Bathed in music from an early age, Onelas continues his frantic race in the world of electronic music and more particularly in production. A loyal client of the nightlife scene, Onelas has accumulated evenings in techno clubs, Caen rooms and Parisian warehouses. Musically influenced by DJs like Richie Hawtin, Dax J or Nico Moreno and Trym, he was able to draw inspiration from their technique in order to create his own identity: A dark techno with imposing melodious synths with sometimes a few acid lines that invite to enter his universe. He is particularly fond of powerful kicks with hard-hitting drums which are, for him, essential in order to play them in explosive sets. Chaining the releases of tracks, Album and Ep on its Soundcloud and on various international labels such as: Gomboc Records, Emulsion Records, Tx Records, Rave



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